Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins – 2021 {Daily Updated}

If you’re looking for unlimited free coins and credits for your favorite Tripeaks Solitaire game – Solitaire Grand Harvest then you’re in the right place. From here, you’ll get Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins, credits, wild cards, plus 5 cards, free rounds, extra harvests, Crop Master bonus goodies, Sam & Bones, Hoppy the Frog, Tripeaks VIP, Bonus wheel spins, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Just download this relaxing and fun Solitaire Grand Harvest on your Android or iOS device and start harvesting your corps and build your very own farm by playing solitaire with the world. And whenever you need some more extra credits to complete a task or level, remember we got you covered.

From now on, you don’t need to spend any money to buy coins/credits to go to the next levels in Solitaire Grand Harvest. You can get all those precious coins for free just by visiting this site regularly.

Collect Solitaire Grand Harvest Free Coins

Date Solitaire Grand Harvest Freebies
6/08/2021Collect Your Free Gifts
4/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
1/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
29/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
27/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
25/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
23/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
21/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
20/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts
18/08/2021 Collect Your Free Gifts

How to get more free coins for Solitaire Grand Harvest?

Here are some of the other ways by which you can earn more free coins in the Solitaire Grand Harvest game.

  1. Invite Friends: You will get a whopping 10,000 free credits just by inviting your friends with a joining link or Facebook invite. Threfore, invite as many friends as you can and have them join the tripeaks solitaire farming adventure with you.
  2. Harvest Crops: A generous ammount of free bonuses will be credited as you completes each harvesting challenges. You can also spin the Solitaire Grand Harvest wheel that rewards you with gifts.
  3. Finish Levels: With each finished levels you’ll get more coins to continue and enjoy the farmig journey as you play the solitaire with friends around the world online. Solve each solitaire puzzule in every levels and you’ll be rewarded with a heftly amount of free bonus coins and credits.
  4. Collect daily rewards: Regularly visit our website and check for the latest gifts. You’ll get simple tasks like sharing a game link over Whatsapp, Text or Email and with each correspondent tasks you’ll get 25 credits. So, you can easily collect 75 or more free credits every day by completing some simple tasks.


Solitaire Grand Harvest is an immensely popular Tripeaks solitaire game that is absolutely free to download and play. You can download this game on your Android or iOS device and play with the world and showcase your solitaire talent.

Even though this is a free game, you need coins to complete difficult levels and unlock your true potential in the game. Coins are a vital part of this game and you must spend them wisely.

In this post, we’ve shared many links to Solitaire Grand Harvest free coins and also told you how to officially get more free coins for Solitaire Grand Harvest.

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